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Pool Maintenance

Remodelling & Pool Renovation.  Deep-End Pools are a full-service pool re-construction and maintenance pool company, servicing Paarl, Franschhoek and the surrounding Cape Winelands Areas. We refurbish both Fibreglass and Marblelite Pools and provide expert advice on all your swimming pool requirements.

Deep-End Pools specialised in commercial and residential pool renovation, resurfacing, and remodeling. We offer prompt quotations and offer a once off cleaning services with rental water storage tanks and portable cleaning systems, saving you up to 95% of your pool water.  We also repair and maintain Pump, Filter & Salt Chlorinators and install and repair LED lights.



  • A pool company in Franschhoek maintaining the pool while the clients were overseas, had not been attending to the pool at all but were still billing the client in their absence.
  • As a result the chemistry of the pool had not been adjusted and balanced hence over a long period of time, this lead to an acidic pool.
  • Due to not backwashing, the pool lost half of its water and burnt out the pool pump causing the power to trip, the owners were alerted and they asked a friend to check the problem.  The pool was in a horrible state.
  • Deep-End Pools were called and we rectified the pool back to a running order.
  • The pool is now managed and maintained with us, on a weekly schedule and the chemicals are tested and balanced by our fully trained staff.
  • Pool Size: 12 x 3.5 meters.
  • Pool Depth: 1.5 meters.



Due to the excessive damage, caused by pool company in Franschhoek, we took 3 weeks to sort all the problems with the pool.

CURING PROCESS:  Swimming pool Fibreglass lining needs to cure for at least 7 days before filling the swimming pool with water, this provides time for a proper chemical reaction and bonding of resin fibres.


► Paarl, Franschhoek, Wellington, Boland and Winelands areas.

  • Area: La Ferme Chantelle, Frachhoek
  • Pool Type: Fibreglass
  • Size: Large
  • Other Construction: Refibreglassing Of Pool