Natural Pool Maintenance

Breathe new life into you garden.  Encourage natural charm by inviting important players of the ecosystem into your natural pools like aquatic life, insects, snails and amphibians. These creatures play an important role in regulating the cycles of nitrates, phosphates and phytoplankton. They are predators of bacteria and are an important source of food for other aquatic life. Plants like floating water lilies provide shade and protect micro-organisms from UV rays. Oxygenating plants contribute to the ecological balance of the pool and play an important role in slowing the growth of algae. Introducing fish into your pool can be a very enticing concept, adding an entirely new dimension to the ecosystem, as well as your swimming experience.



  • Excellent water quality;
  • Chemical-free water treatment;
  • Creating habitat for wildlife and flora;
  • Reduced maintenance costs over conventional pools.

Deep-End Pools in Paarl can design, construct and maintain the biodiversity and function of the natural environment. Designs can vary, as well as the recommended sizes and ratios.



► Paarl, Franschhoek, Wellington, Boland and Winelands areas.


  • Area: Boschenmeer, Golf Estate, Paarl
  • Pool Type: Natural
  • Size: 3m
  • Depth: 2m